Business start-up means organising all your licensing, location and connectivity needs as quickly as possible. Yet so often, the challenges of getting an SMB underway are compounded by the lack of a single, simple telecoms solution. Now a new initiative offer from Etisalat – called ‘Hello Business’ – can supercharge set-up times and deliver a comprehensive answer to the quest for affordable and flexible connectivity…


As an SMB owner or director, you’re in a sector that is, quite simply, the most critical growth factor in the region’s future. Take a look at the following statistics from the World Bank –

  • SMBs generate revenue and GDP six times faster than larger businesses and create jobs four times faster
  • 100,000 new SMBs are expected to be established in the UAE in the next three years
  • The sector has the potential to add US$100 billion to regional GDP and to generate up to two million jobs in the GCC in the coming years

The ‘spin’ here, though is that SMBs are required to be much more nimble, agile and responsive than larger businesses – this is the whole nature of their appeal and the catalyst for future growth and success. Yet one of the impediments to any business incoming into this dynamic market is the potential delay in organizing connectivity and telecoms packages – not to mention the added cost they can easily involve. Just to make matters worse, that cost is normally capital expenditure that can’t be amortized across a period of time or softened as part of other organic business costs.

Say ‘hello’ to better business

This is where a new Etisalat on-boarding programme, ‘Hello Business’ offers a genuine solution that’s designed specifically for SMBs who need to set up and get their business moving fast. It’s ideal whether you are a single branch or a national franchise – a solution that offers greater flexibility, reduced costs and improved operational efficiencies. It’s a way for businesses new to market to save on their outgoings and get a streamlined, express service that’s easily tailored to individual needs. The advantages of Hello Business include –

  • A personalised visit by a trained and authorised Etisalat representative to your premises within 24 hours, upon request
  • Value-for-money offerings for mobile and office products and services for new businesses in the UAE
  • An expert information kit to enable your business to set up its operations faster and more efficiently
  • A welcome call to ensure hassle-free subscription to Etisalat’s SMB services
  • 24x7x365 access to Etisalat’s state-of-the-art SMB call centre – 800 5800. This is the region’s first dedicated 24/7 customer care centre serving over 300,000 SMBs
  • Access to Etisalat’s dynamic Business Online Portal, free of charge, to help you manage, order, track and pay your service accounts – anytime, anywhere!
  • Get in touch through e-mail. You can send questions, comments or suggestions to

There’s also the added value of an extensive range of Etisalat Business Centres across the region, offering a complete solution for the spectrum of SMB business needs, whether mobile, fixed line and internet services, or the latest devices, with after sales support  Plus, you’ll find these retail touchpoints in key business areas and free zones.

Spearheading change and the local economy

Given that the SMB sector is so critical in building vibrant economic growth for the region, the Hello Business programme is a key part of Etisalat’s commitment to proactively initiating and spearheading the nation’s progressive and successful development. It gives SMBs a comprehensively strong offer, with a range of tools that can expedite start-up and get the business up-and-running as smoothly as possible.

Etisalat’s Chief Business Officer, Salvador Anglada, explains more about the Hello Business offer –

“Any new business undergoes major challenges and issues relating to financing, resources hiring, location selection and so on. Our new programme is one way of helping businesses focus on their core competencies, not having to worry about their telecommunications or business solution needs. Not only do our propositions offer great value for money in the market, but they are also designed to meet the unique needs of SMBs and start-ups. We believe that the combination of convenience, removing complexities and providing the high-on-value offerings is another way we help businesses grow in the UAE.  We are upbeat about welcoming new businesses to the UAE and would like to say ‘Hello’ to anyone seeking an IT and telecoms partner-of-choice for meeting their business needs.”

Meeting your needs

Hello Business is designed to ease the set-up and growth challenges of SMBs: it’s just as relevant and appropriate whether you are starting out from a single unit, or opening a new branch with expectations of building on strong existing success. Will your SMB be saying ‘Hello Business’?


Rushika Bhatia Editor

Rushika Bhatia is one of the region’s leading commentators on business and current affairs issues. She is the Editor of SME Advisor magazine - the flagship title of CPI Business. She is passionate about infographics – with special emphasis on data, research and statistics. Rushika has a Bachelor’s Degree from Indiana University, USA and is also CIMA qualified.

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